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Our Bake Shop

Chef Hiro Saito is a renowned gluten free chef, with over 25 years of experience in working in restaurants, serving customers and creating pastries. He is the CEO/founder of two restaurants and bake shops Kirari West and Confections KW, both located in Redondo Beach, CA.


Kirari West is a family-owned bake shop that originated in Japan, with the concept of creating delicious pastries with quality rice flour instead of wheat. Upon moving to the United States, Chef Hiro was astounded to learn how many people suffered from gluten intolerance and how limited many of their food options were.


Well trained from decades of culinary expertise, Chef Hiro was inspired to open restaurants that would incorporate high artistry into gluten free creations - for those who can not have wheat, and for those who simply enjoy amazing food.

Chef Hiro believes that everyone should have access to great food, regardless of dietary restrictions, and his bake shops offers delectable treats for people with and without gluten sensitivities. Chef Hiro’s mission is to bring joy through food to as many people as possible and make everyone feel included in the process.



We care about what our customers eat! We take a great responsibility as food handling/serving professionals.


 "Using ingredients in which we believe"

We choose our ingredients with integrity. We strive to deliver food-using ingredients that are safe, fresh and delicious. All of our flour is GMO free.

"Non-gluten cooking"

Our restaurant’s entire inventory of foods and products are free of gluten. Therefore, there is no possibility of cross-contamination of gluten in our facility.


 "Innovative traditions"

We refer to our stores as “laboratories” due to how we continually experiment with ingredients and invent new recipes. It is Kirari’s mission to provide foods that are delicious and safe for customers who have all types of dietary needs.


*We carefully choose our take out containers made with eco friendly materials.  We mostly use Recyclable, Biodegradable, and Compostable materials. 

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