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FAQ on Kirari West Breadmix


Q: Can milk on the recipe be substituted with any dairy free milk?

A: Yes, however, it may affect the flavor and texture.


Q: Is there a tutorial video posted online?

A: Yes, please visit


Q: Is Kirari West Breadmix vegan?

A: Yes


Q: Can I use a bread maker instead of using an oven?

A: Yes, you can, however, we do not recommend using our signature recipe if you are using a bread maker. Our Vegan Bread recipe works so much better with a bread maker. You can see the recipe at


Q: How long does Kirari West Breadmix last?

A: 2 years, although we recommend it to be consumed within 6 months for the best quality.


Q: How many loaves can you make with one bag of Kirari West Breadmix?

A: Approximately two 9-inch loaves. 


Q: Can I use another recipe than the one provided on the Kirari West Breadmix bag?

A: Yes, you may use any gluten-free or regular wheat flour recipe. Some adjustments might be required depending on the recipe.


Q: Do you ship Kirari West Breadmix?

A: Yes, you can order through our website.


Q: Can I make Kirari’s buns and panini bread with Kirari West Breadmix?

A: Yes, it is the same dough just made into a different shape.


Q: Where is Kirari West’s Breadmix mixed?

A: It is mixed locally at Authentic Food’s dedicated gluten-free facility in Gardena.


Q: What is special about Kirari West’s Breadmix?

A: It is carefully crafted in order to achieve the best textured bread without any gum.


Q: Can I make cakes or other baked goods with it?

A: You can, however, this mix is specialized for making bread and you will not get the best result.

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